PGE Paliwa sp. z o.o. acts ethically and responsibly and we expect the same from all our employees and business partners. The PGE Capital Group's Code of Ethics is a set of values and principles applicable to the entire PGE Group. The PGE Capital Group's Code of Ethics sets out the PGE Group's core ethical values and standards expected of employees and associates. The Code of Conduct for Business Partners of PGE Capital Group companies defines the basic ethical values and standards expected of contractors and business partners of PGE Capital Group companies.

The work culture in the PGE Capital Group is based on three values: partnership, development and responsibility. Our most important principles are related to our attitude towards our company, employees, business activities and relations with external entities. 

Our values are the following:

  • PARTNERSHIP – for us, it is identification with the PGE Capital Group and the resulting cooperation; it is effective and creative cooperation, leading to a synergy effect, in every area of our activity – for the benefit of customers, owners, employees and business partners; resulting from good cooperation among companies and segments, as well as among individual employees and their teams. Partnership is a relationship based on respect.
  • DEVELOPMENT – for us, it is the continuous improvement of people, organisation, processes and technology; it is creating conditions for innovation, actively seeking new solutions. Development requires the courage to introduce changes and create a new reality.
  • RESPONSIBILITY – for us, it means taking care of the country's energy security and the development of the Polish economy, of the sustainable development of our company, of the company as a good place to work and the maintenance of the highest standards of occupational health and safety; it means reliability of both the organisation and each of us. Responsibility means honesty in every action we take.


Compliance - see the rules in force in the PGE CG 



If you would like to ask a question or raise a concern, please contact the Company's designated Compliance Coordinator:

Mariusz Lach
+48 781 900 721

In the event of a suspected breach of the law or the values and principles of the PGE Capital Group, a report can be made in the following ways:

1. By completing the online form   >>>HERE<<< 

2. By sending:

  • an email to the Company's designated Compliance Coordinatore:,
  • an email to:,
  • an email to: (these messages will be received by the Supervisory Board of PGE S.A.),
  • a traditional letter to the Compliance Department of PGE S.A., ul. Mysia 2, 00-496 Warszawa, with an envelope marked as "for the attention of Department Director".  

3. By calling:​​​​​​

  • the Company's designated Compliance Coordinator at +48 781 900 721,
  • 0048 22 340 12 02 (working days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Any communication can be anonymous. Optionally, you may provide your contact details in the online form.

Information on how we process your data in connection with your communication is available  >>>HERE<<< 

Please be advised that we will only respond to communications concerning actions that violate the principles of the PGE CG Code of Ethics and contradict the concept of "honest business".

Provided personal data and other information will remain confidential until the informant consents to its disclosure in whole or in part.