Knowing the specific character and high requirements of our customers with regard to the quality of the coal we sell, we guarantee comprehensive sales services and delivery logistics at the highest level. We optimise all technological processes occurring in the supply chain and affecting the attractiveness of the products. We fulfil each order individually, according to the customer's requirements.

Thanks to the experience we have gathered over the years, we have developed a well-known and respected brand on the coal market, namely "Colombian coal". It heats your homes, providing warmth and security. For your businesses, it provides stability through our timely deliveries and the quality of fuel. We pride ourselves on our responsible approach to maintaining price stability during the performance of a given contract. Regardless of the market situation, by entering into a contract with us, you are guaranteed price stability for the duration of the contract. Our team of experts also ensures that fuel is delivered to you on time, regardless of incidental difficulties beyond the Company's control.

Our client portfolio includes companies in the energy, industrial and heat generation sectors. There are also garden farms and coal market intermediaries supplying fuel to various municipal entities. The coal we offer is imported by sea to the country's unloading seaports. Experts working at PGE Paliwa sp. z o. o. know and understand the determinants of the situation on international markets. This know-how allows us to maintain our leading position on the Polish coal import market and allows you to focus on the development of your businesses.

Building our experience on the coal market, we rely exclusively on the highest quality goods. We belong to the Polish Economic Chamber of Coal Merchants and actively cooperate with its members.


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Benefits of cooperation with us:

  • guarantee of coal origin as well as stable and repeatable coal parameters
  • possibility to carry out ad hoc or long-term transactions with a fixed price guarantee for up to 12 months
  • professional and flexible handling of rail and road logistics, individually priced according to the customer's preferences
  • transparency with regard to raw material quality thanks to constant testing of coal by accredited and independent laboratories

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Coal is loaded onto trucks with a minimum tonnage of approximately 25 tonnes or train sets with a tonnage of approximately 1000 tonnes to as much as 2600 tonnes.

Yes, thanks to our long-standing cooperation with carriers providing road and rail transport services, we are able to offer a fuel price that includes the costs of delivery and any transhipment.

Yes. Depending on demand and the customer's wish, we screen coal to obtain a specific size grade. Please contact our Sales Department and Customer Service Department for information on current coal screening capacities.

No, the client makes payments successively, based on the agreed schedule of coal deliveries. However, in some situations, we may require a performance bond, refundable after the performance of the contract.

Yes. You are looked after by a dedicated member of the Commercial Department, who presents you with a personalised offer for the purchase of coal, taking into account its quantity, origin, quality and place of delivery. The offer responds to your needs presented during the sales talk. You also agree the details of the contract with this person.

Once the coal supply contract is signed, you are placed under the care of an employee of the Customer Service Department. This is your contact person for issues related to payments, contract performance and deliveries.

The minimum delivery volume is approximately 25 tonnes.

No. You have the option to purchase fuel in any quantity at one time, provided the quantity meets the logistic minimum. However, a long-term contract gives you price stability and security of supply, so this option is always worth considering. Please contact our Sales Department regarding this matter.

API (Average Price Index) is the average price of coal at the ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) ports for physical coal transactions of 6000 kcal. It is the basis for settling transactions in the European coal market.

Yes. Being in contact with you and the agent at the port, your contract manager is able to adapt the loading times to the current possibilities.

Coal collection depots are located in Gdańsk, Gdynia, Toruń, Świnoujście, Braniewo, Czerwionka-Leszczyny, Bydgoszcz, Wrocław and Rucianka, as well as at the seaports in Gdańsk, Gdynia and Świnoujście.

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