We offer the organisation of rail or road delivery to a destination indicated by our customers. We have long-term contracts with major rail and road carriers.

We also offer combined rail-and-road transport services. We are present at the largest Polish sea ports and several storage terminals across the country. The scale of our operations allows for operational flexibility and a guarantee of timely deliveries.

At the customer's individual request, we also provide services related to coal processing, such as crushing, screening, sorting and sifting.


We provide additional benefits 


We provide our customers with the option of contracting at either a price based on the API2 index or a fixed price derived from the API2 index at the time the price is set. Through the use of financial instruments, PGE Paliwa sp. z o.o. guarantees price constancy throughout the duration of the contract.

We are flexible as regards the pace at which the final price of coal is built, which at the same time means that we are able to set the price for deliveries at the time called for by the customer, when the price of international indices is the most suitable.

We send our customers current price indices, where the price fluctuates depending on the API2 index and exchange rates. The information on current price fluctuations is intended to support our trading partners in making the best market decisions.   


PGE Paliwa sp. z o. o. employs a team of experts who share their experience in the wholesale trading of energy raw materials, in particular hard coal, on both the domestic and international markets. Taking into account our customer's individual needs, our specialists are available to help with any doubts concerning the type of raw material, including its quality parameters.


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